Committee Chairs

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Audit Committee

OPEN (Open)


Jim Kempf

Budget Oversight Committee

Jim Kempf (Chair)


Other members inlude June Newell, Brenda Thieman, Matt Wright and one OPEN position.

Contact Jim for more information about the Budget Oversight Committee.


Endowment Bequest Committee

OPEN (Chair)


Wayne Weyhrauch

Executive Committee

Wayne Weyhrauch (Chair)


Other members include Pastor Jamie Vannoy, Duane Tackis, Roger Hartmann, June Newell.

Contact Wayne for more information about the Executive Committee.

Diane Miller

Memorial Committee

Diane Miller (Chair)


Other members include Jennifer Kellstrom, Del Herbeck, Bob Dittmar, Kathy Seim, Wendy Pierce, Evelyn Bergstedt.

Contact Diane for more information about the Memorial Committee.

Jennifer Kellstrom

Mutual Ministry Team

Jennifer Kellstrom(Chair)


Other members include Gerry Harte, Mary Ann Sauer, Carin Linch, Michele Weyhrauch.

Contact Jennifer for more information about the Mutual Ministry Team.

Duane Tackis

Nominating Committee

Duane Tackis (Chair)


Other members include Ed Thieman and Ardith Hargrave.

Contact Duane for more information about the Nominating Committee.

Ardith Hargrave

Scholarship Committee

Ardith Hargrave (Chair)


Other members include Karin Linch and Becky Cook.

Contact Ardith for more information about the Scholarship Committee.

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