Commission Missions

Worship & Celebration

  • Meet the need for a wide variety of corporate and individual worship experiences
  • Assist the pastor in conducting worship consistent with the liturgy of the ELCA
  • Oversee all music programs
  • Provide opportunities for musical expression to all skill/age levels of the congregation
  • Maintain proper care of all musical instruments

Contact Michele Weyhrauch for more information about the Worship & Celebration Commission.

Life Long Learning

  • Guide in the learning, understanding, and living of our faith by providing educational opportunities for people of all ages
  • Nurture the spiritual Christian growth of families in their everyday lives,met through fellowship, service, and teaching
  • Coordinate and supervise the entire educational ministry of the congregation
  • Administer the scholarship fund

Contact Pam Bauser for more information about the Life Long Learning Commission.

Parish Life & Response

  • Involve members in the life of the congregation by providing fellowship opportunities
  • Encourage the sharing of time, talents, and financial resources
  • Develop programs and activities to promote fellowship and a sense of community within the congregation
  • Develop a program of ministry for the sick, shut-ins and members with special needs
  • Develop programs for social and spiritual support
  • Develop and provide a program for stewardship

Contact Eileen Hunter for more information about the Parish Life & Response Commission.

Witness & Outreach

  • Communicate through words (spoken, printed, and multimedia) and actions the good news of Jesus Christ to all people beyond the congregation’s membership
  • Identify and lead the congregation in responding to issues and needs within the church and community
  • Determine the benevolence ministries and financial gifts of the congregation
  • Provide ministry to reactivate inactive members

Contact Wendy Pierce for more information about the Witness & Outreach Commission.

Communication & Public Relations

  • Manage communications and publications of this congregation

Contact Sandy Rosholt for more information about the Communication & Public Relations Commission.

Property & Facilities

  • Provide adequate maintenance of all property including the buildings and other facilities
  • Be responsible for the appropriate use of the buildings and grounds of GSLC
  • Provide maintenance, scheduling, and security of all technology equipment, including phones, computers, audio and video equipment

Contact Del Herbeck or Bill Wolslegel for more information about the Property & Facilities Commission.

Finance & Administration

  • Manage all resources of this congregation to create an environment conducive for worship, study, and fellowship. Resources include facilities, financial and real property, and the talents of this congregation.
  • Establish and run a system to manage the use of church facilities
  • Maintain the parish records
  • Manage the financial resources and obligations of this congregation
  • Provide opportunities for professional growth of staff members

Contact Jim Kempf for more information about the Finance & Administration Commission.

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