Worship with Us at GSLC

Evening Worship, 4:00 pm Saturday

This service provides an opportunity to worship in a small and intimate setting on Saturday evening. It includes a simple set of prayers, a weekly reading from the Bible, and singing traditional hymns which are accompanied on the piano. This service also includes a special time during which folks gather around the altar for prayers and Holy Communion.

Traditional Worship, 8:30 am Sunday

The rich traditions of the Lutheran liturgy and beautiful music guide this service. The service includes traditional prayers, readings, and hymns throughout, and are accompanied by both organ and piano. Our Chancel Choir sings each week and is often joined by other classical instruments. Scripture readings and Holy Communion are integral parts of this service each week, and a Children's Message is also included on the first and third Sundays of the month.

Contemporary Worship, 11:00 am Sunday

The 11:00 am service is a non-traditional, more informal, relaxed worship service. Led by members of the Praise Team, this service focuses on a theme determined by the Scripture readings of the day. The music includes a variety of contemporary songs as well as classic favorites, and is accompanied by guitar, keyboard, and percussion. Weekly Bible readings and Holy Communion are important parts of this service each week, and a Children's Message is also included on the first and third Sundays of the month.

Weekly Prayer service, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00am

This morning prayer service occurs twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:00am. The service lasts for about 45 minutes. There are two Bible readings, times for both personal and corporate prayer, and several periods of silence for contemplative prayer. We meet in the church lounge.

Monthly Prayer Service, fourth Thursday of the month, 7:00pm

This is a new service for us, begun this January. We meet in the sanctuary. It features scripture readings, singing, corporate and personal prayer, and a time of silence.

Communion Celebration

At Good Shepherd we celebrate communion at all of our services. We believe that Holy Communion - first given by Jesus Christ to his disciples - is also given to his Church to remember the deeds of love by which he saved us. In Holy Communion we celebrate both Jesus' death and resurrection, as well as his presence with us now.

We believe that Jesus' true body and blood are represented by the elements of the bread and wine. Those who partake of them, and who trust Jesus' promise receive forgiveness of sins, the renewal of life, and salvation. We believe that as we eat the bread and drink the wine together, we are nurtured in our faith in Jesus Christ, united in our love for one another, and strengthened for the joyful living of a new life in Christ.

Communion Statement ~ Christians who confess their sins to God, believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, desire to be strengthened with a new life in Christ, and accept the Real Presence of Christ in the Sacrament, are invited to join in the celebration of the Lord's Supper. Children who have received communion instruction are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

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