Eblast 6/16

Eblast 6/16


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Connect with us on Sundays for an encouraging Word from God and a time of worship.  Are you ready to worship together?
Please use the following links below to connect online to the Sunday Church Service:
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Lingering with the Lord 
Do you need some time away from the busyness of life? On the 4th Wednesday of the month come join us at GSLC to linger with the Lord followed by a time of prayer.   Enjoy the chance to come together in singing and praying, while also getting a moment to spend with the Lord in prayer by yourself.  There will be “stations” to help you focus on open different parts of our life if you need that, you can stay in your pew and pray, or you can just walk around the Sanctuary if that is what helps you enter some prayerful space for the Lord.   Come join us Wednesday, June 26 at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary. All are welcome to join us!

5th Sunday Carry-in Lunch
Please join us in the Fellowship Hall for our 5th Sunday carry-in lunch on June 30 immediately after service. All are welcome. Call Eileen Hunter with questions at 937-654-5588.


Food Pantry News 
Our JUNE food was delivered to four local food pantries and two mini-pantries – totaling 200 food items. Thank you for remembering the families who are served by the food pantries in our community. As you make your food purchases, consider adding a few items for these families.  It will be a wonderful way to help those around us.
It is very helpful to avoid donations of food in glass containers so that nothing can be broken.  If you would like to volunteer on a Thursday at the Feeding Friends Pantry on Bigger Road near the former Victoria’s Secret Building, go to https://signup.com/go/FjrnKGb

Helping Hands 
Our Property and Facilities Commission will have a recurring “Helping Hands Service Initiative” to help maintain and keep our church grounds and facilities in optimal shape as we strive to make it an inviting place.  We will have a monthly event on the third Saturday, June 15 from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM to work on timely projects and seasonal tasks.   If you have some time to lend a hand in a rewarding and beneficial way, please come join in the fun.  Chris, Del, Wayne, and John will have a list of inside and outside projects along with the necessary supplies and tools on hand to make this time a productive, beneficial, and rewarding service opportunity for our church.  Additionally, if you have ideas or recommendations on areas to improve, please send them to the Office Manager at office@goodshepherdkettering.com or to one of the commissioners.  Thank you.

Jeremiah’s Letter  June 16
The mission of Jeremiah’s Letter is to bring congregations together from the greater Dayton community so that together they can enhance the daily lives of individuals and families of the inner-city who find themselves in need. To help support the works of Jeremiah’s Letter, Good Shepherd will be collecting bath and bedroom linens, personal hygiene products, canned foods and cleaning/laundry supplies.

ReNew Day Camp June 24 through June 28 from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Good Shepherd is hosting a Day Camp following Mark 4:1-9, the story of the seed sower.
Our Day Camp is a safe place where children can have fun as they grow in faith so that they can help change the world. This program is designed for children who are pre-k through entering grade 6 and is free of charge. Lunch and snacks will consist of fresh healthy foods with lots of fruits and vegetables available. All known food allergies will be accommodated.
The schedule will start with the youth gathering for celebration and praise, then follow with learning activities, games, lunch, and ending with youth pickup. In addition to the daily schedule, on one evening Good Shepherd will host dinner for campers and their families at 6:00 pm with a special program following at 7:00 pm. There is no charge for the dinner.
Registration for our Day Camp can be picked up at the church office or downloaded from the eBlast and at www.goodshepherdkettering.com. Registration is limited to 30 campers. Please grab a brochure from the counter in the Foyer and invite any kids you may know. We would love to share with the youth in our community how to grow in faith, have fun, and change the world.
If you would like to volunteer, please contact the church office at office@goodshepherdkettering.com or contact Don Bennett at don.bennett@goodshepherdkettering.com

Daycamp Need 
GSLC is asking people to save their empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  They will be using them for a craft in day camp and will need a lot of them.  Please give any donations to the office or Don Bennett.

Gathering 24 News 
Rowan Linch is attending the Lutheran National Youth Gathering in July 2024.  She travels by bus with 30 other youth from Epiphany Lutheran and other churches to New Orleans for a week.  They are camping in churches and sightseeing along the way.  All participants are raising funds with Epiphany Lutheran.  We are asking for your support for this faith journey.  The National Youth Gatherings have been important to youth faith formation at Good Shepherd for over 60 years.
How Good Shepherd can help:
·         Put her and all participants in your prayers.
·         Help by attending fundraising events at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Centerville.
·         Ask how her events and the group-building activities are going.

Are you a member and want to serve at GSLC?  
Well becoming a Commissioner is a great way to be involved in the day to day ministries at Good Shepherd. We are looking for several commissioners to take over on October 1, 2023. Specifically, we are looking for a Finance and Administration Commissioner, a Parish Life & Response Commissioner, and a Worship & Celebration Commissioner. If you have any questions about these positions feel free to talk with Pr Jamie, Roger Bauser, or the current commissioner serving in that position. This is a great way to get involved as GSLC continues to carry out its mission to the community and the world.


Lifelong Learning    
Regular educational sessions for our youth will resume in the fall. 

Transition into the summer schedule joining this study on GRACE!
Topic:  Up & Down: Where Grace Takes You
Facilitator:  Roger Bauser
Time: 8:50 am – 9:50 am
Place: Comfort of your own home – connect and discuss with others online!
Come explore the possibilities of GRACE! We talk about grace, how do we live in grace? God offers grace, can we accept that generosity? God extends grace to all, do we? Luther’s life was transformed by his understanding of God’s immeasurable grace which led to the reformation. How can God’s GRACE reform us?
If you are interested in viewing the online videos that accompany this course, contact Roger Bauser at rebauser@me.com 

The Men’s Bible Study is ONLINE on Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m.  Bring your own coffee along with your BIBLE.  The focus is on the Lectionary’s Gospel Lesson for the upcoming weekend.  Come join the discussion. This is a chance to go deeper before hearing the lessons on Sunday. 
Topic: Gospel Lectionary Reading for worship 
Facilitator: Roger Bauser
Time:  9:00 am – 10:00 am
Place:  comfort of your home – connect online!
If you experience any difficulty, please contact Roger at rebauser@me.com or call 937-299-5186.                

Come on FRIDAY mornings! Bring your own coffee along with your BIBLE. The focus is on the Lectionary Lessons for the upcoming weekend. Come join the discussion. Everyone is welcome! No prior experience is needed. Each week the study relates to the Scripture lessons for Sunday’s worship. Drop by and learn what’s behind the message on Sunday.
Topic: Gospel Lectionary Readings for worship 
Facilitator:  Roger Bauser
Time: 9:00 am – 10:00 am   
For more information, please contact Roger at rebauser@me.com or call 937-299-5186.

Women’s Bible Study for SUMMER
“After Certainty: A biblical Guide” by the Rev. Dr. Meghan Johnston Aelabouni
The Summer 2024 Bible study is available on the Gather website for ALL – women & men; Lutherans and nonLutherans; young & old; all who wonder about the uncertainties of our times! There are three sessions: Curiosity, Community, Compassion. The videos and resources are accessible online at www.gathermagazine.org. Take a moment to explore these Bible studies on your own or with others. 
This summer study’s author, Rev. Dr. Meghan Johnston Aelabouni has done previous studies. She and her family live in Israel continuing their ministry in the midst of constant uncertainty. She writes, “A global pandemic, political upheaval, a changing climate… these days, the future is more uncertain than it has ever been. Or is it? For the people of the Bible, life was often shaped by deep uncertainty. Encounters with God sparked awe, confusion or courage, but rarely certainty. Instead, God’s people have always been called to follow God into the unknown, trusting in God’s certain grace and love.”
The NEXT in person session will be on Wednesday, August 14th in the GSLC Lounge!  Mark your calendars now. 


Mutual Ministry Committee  
This is a group of members from Good Shepherd who meet with Pr Jamie about every 6 weeks. It is Mutual Ministry because the committee helps to give the pastor confidential feedback from them or other members of the church, and supports the pastor and his family. Members stay on for 2 years, but can decide to stay on as long as they want. If you would like to join the team, feel free to speak to Pr Jamie or Jen Kellstrom.

Council Meeting Minutes
Click here  for the GSLC Council Minutes – May 16, 2024

For April YTD, the financial results are as follows:
·         Offerings are $150,532 vs a budget of $155,516, including Harmony Creek
o    Harmony Creek is at budget ($17,500)
o    Budgeted Offerings are $4,985 less than budget.
·         Expenses $148,146 vs budget of $157,202
·         Net Income of $2,386 vs a budget of -$1,686.

Electronic Giving 
Don’t forget to send in your weekly tithe/offering to the church at 901 East Stroop Rd, Kettering, OH 45429 or go to our online Electronic Giving:
Electronic Giving Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is now offering the option of electronic giving for regular offerings and special offerings.  Giving is done using the company Tithe.ly which is the only one endorsed by the ELCA.  There are three ways to give: 
1.     Via smartphone using the Tithe.ly app (download via the App Store or Google Play)
2.     Online at Tithe.ly  
3.     Via the GSLC Website which has a link to the Tithe.ly website to give directly to GSLC
The process to create an account and give is simple because it is tied to a debit or credit card.  There is also a processing fee of less than 3% that you can choose to cover if desired.   Benefits of Electronic Giving:  
1.     Ability to give from anywhere including other countries – you only need an internet connection via smartphone or computer.
2.     Ability to give 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
3.     Ability to choose from a variety of options where your gift goes.
4.     Can give more than one gift at a time with the “Add Gift” option.
Questions:  Contact Martin Pierce (937) 287-4021. 


GSLC Lutheran Youth Corps (LYC) 
Gift Card Program Did you know there is a way that you can financially support Good Shepherd at no cost to you?  Through the LYC, you can order gift cards from a variety of merchants and restaurants at face value and a portion of each purchase is donated to the church to support youth programs. Although the percentage donated to the church may seem small, a few percent of our collective purchases can add up to a significant donation to Good Shepherd over time. Order forms are available in the Narthex.  Orders placed on the weekend are normally available for pick up the following week, with the exception of some holiday periods and weeks where we do not reach the minimum threshold for placing an order.  Please contact Don Bennett if you have any questions.  What a great way to be faithful stewards of our resources!Click here to fill out the form:  Gift Card Order Form


ELCA Good Gifts. Click here.
Lutheran Disaster Response. Click here.
Lutheran World Relief. Click here.
ELCA Global Links.  Click here.
ELCA World Hunger.  Click here.
ELCA Disabilities Ministry.  Click here.

Out of the Waters….Follow Me
This was the theme of this year’s Southern Ohio Synod Assembly held at Peace Lutheran Church (Beavercreek). During our Assembly, we focused on answering these questions: What does it mean to be a disciple of the risen Jesus? Where does discipleship lead and how do we get there?
Throughout the Assembly, we learned that telling the story of Jesus means connecting God’s story with your story and my story so that we can all share and invite someone to know Jesus.
Thank you to all of our voting members, guests, and vendors who attended workshops on Friday evening and our Assembly sessions on Saturday. Thank you to Rev. Steve Kimm, Rev. Carey Hovland, and Peace Lutheran Church for the hospitality, to the many volunteers from Peace Lutheran Church that made the day run smoothly, and Dorothy Lane Market for another batch of killer brownies in our lunches.
This year’s assembly began with a call to worship and the hymn, Praise to the Lord, the Almighty. During the final verse, the Assembly joined in singing the words “Let the amen sound from God’s people again” and also making a lot of noise with the noise makers they received at check-in.
That morning, we:

  1. Passed the 2025-2026 Mission and Ministry Plan
  2. Received the 2023-January 31, 2024 Audit
  3. Passed the 2025 Compensation Standards for Rostered Ministers. These will be available on the Southern Ohio Synod website soon.

In my report, we heard a Keynote presentation from Rev. Dr. Tim Mentzer (Assistant to the Bishop for Discipleship, Leadership, Engagement). During his presentation he focused on what it means to hear, tell, and share the Word as disciples of Jesus. Invite him to your congregation to assist in discipleship training!
From Rev. Katie Kerrigan (Director of Evangelical Mission & Assistant to the Bishop for Generosity), we heard about new Holy Innovations and Fresh Expression Experiments happening across the Southern Ohio Synod. Do you have an idea for a new ministry? Please be in touch with her to begin discerning what the Holy Spirit might be starting.
Rev. Dr. Connie Mentzer (Assistant to the Bishop for Discipleship, Leadership, Engagement) helped us to see how we are called in and through the waters of baptism to serve in may ways in the Church, one of them is through the candidacy process toward serving as a Rostered Minister within the ELCA.
Rev. Bob Abrams (Assistant to the Bishop) shared about the Rostered Minister shortage across the ELCA. The Southern Ohio Synod continues to work hard in filling congregational vacancies.
Rev. Steve Kimm (Coordinator of the Leadership Academy) introduced us to two new Lay Worship Leaders who have just completed their training and will begin supplying across the Southern Ohio Synod. Those who serve in leadership, no matter rostered or lay, are called to tell the story of Jesus in many ways. The Southern Ohio Synod Leadership Academy continues to grow because of the Thrive! Mission Campaign, which means we continue raising up leaders for the church today.  Also, during my report, I gave the Assembly an assignment. I am now extending that assignment to the entire Synod.
If you or someone you know has gifts for leadership in the church, please let us know. Hold them in prayer as they discern God’s call for serving. During worship, intentionally pray for God to lift up leaders for the church, both Rostered Ministers and lay leaders. The Holy Spirit is alive and working within the Southern Ohio Synod. If you feel the nudge toward leadership, pray for the courage to say, “Yes!” If you would like some additional help in discerning, please contact either Rev. Dr. Connie Mentzer or Rev. Steve Kimm directly.
Thank you Bishop Don Kreiss (Southeast Michigan Synod) for serving as both our Bible Study Leader and ELCA Representative. Bp. Kreiss lead us through a Bible study on Romans 10:14-17, our theme verse for this Assembly, and shared an update from the ELCA and how the Southern Ohio Synod is connected to and represented in the ELCA.
We ended our time together with worship, joined by the Peace Lutheran Church Saturday evening service. The Assembly Choir shared a beautiful anthem during the service as we were equipped to bring the good news of Jesus back to our communities. We’ve already heard stories of how the party favors have made their way back home to some of our congregations to help the voting members tell their congregations and ministries about what they learned and experienced at this year’s Southern Ohio Synod Assembly.
Thank you, Southern Ohio Synod, for another great Assembly as we continue to be Stronger and Better Together … Joining Jesus in the Restoration of the World.
See you at next year’s assembly!
In Christ,
+ Bp. Dillahunt


Harmony Creek’s Church Hurts June Meeting
Open to all, ChurchHurts is a support group for anyone who has been wounded by the church. The group will meet on Monday, June 24 from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm in the Lounge and on Zoom. To sign up, you can email Rev. Michelle Wilkey at pastormichelle@harmony-creek.org.

Eblast 6/9